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Canon printer setup instructions and troubleshooting solutions Do you want to know how to set up the printer and fix its problems?
You have reached the right place to get the step by step instructions
and simple solutions for most printer problems.
Solve the issues and take the printing to the next level using Canon printer support.

What services do we offer?

If you have bought a new Canon printer, you get the first-time setup instructions with us. Your device was working fine but not now; we help get the Canon printer back to its normal function. We assist you in choosing the best network connection method depending on the feasibility. Finally, you get solutions for the following when you deal with your Canon printer – Canon Printer Support.

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How To Set Up The Hardware Of A Canon Printer For The First Time?


  • Cut the tape on the printer box by tilting it.
  • Take the ink cartridges out of the box and keep it aside.
  • If you have bought an ink tank printer, it comes built-in and cannot be removed.
  • Canon printers contain a minimum of four ink cartridges or a maximum of six.
  • Check if you have received the ink cartridges of your printer model.
  • Look for the covers and tapes on the printer and remove them when you find any.

How To Download Canon Printer Driver?

Canon Printer Support – Based on the computer operating system, you can download the driver directly with the link that we have provided below. The driver is customizable based on your printing need. It is a complete package that contains many software applications for printing, scanning, auto-driver installation and many more. There are several utility tools available along with the driver that helps you troubleshoot many problems with your Canon printer. Click the driver download button as per the computer OS and get the driver.

How To Install The Canon Printer Driver For Windows And Mac?

The driver provided here is a generic one and provides access to do the basic functionality of your printer. If you require software and utility tools, go to the respective printer model page and then avail it.

MP Driver (Windows)

  • If you have the installation CD, follow the procedure below else, extract the file downloaded from our website and follow the on-screen instructions that display.
  • Before you proceed with the software installation, power off your Canon printer.
  • Power on your Windows computer and insert the installer CD into it.
  • “Click” Run “Msetup4.exe” if you see the AutoPlay screen on your computer.
  • “Click” on Continue on the next screen that displays.
  • On the next box, click on Easy Install and when you see a list of contents on the window, confirm that you have all that you need for the printer, and then click on Install.
  • Go through the terms and conditions screen carefully and when the Setup method screen appears, choose USB as the connection type and connect the USB cable from the printer and the computer.
  • Turn your Canon printer on and wait for the setup to complete.
  • If the user registration screen appears, click Next and provide the required details and finally, click on Finish to complete the installation.

CUPS Driver (Mac)

  • The “latest” Macintosh computers do not support CD drive and include the Canon printer driver.
  • If your Mac computer has a DVD drive, but the CUPS driver file is not auto-populated, then insert the CD and follow these steps.
  • To “install” the CUPS driver on the Mac computer, open the Applications folder from the Mac Finder.
  • Double-click to open the Utilities folder under Applications and double-click on the Disk file.
  • Now, on the menu bar, click the File tab and click on Open Disk Image.
  • It will let you choose the disk file that you want to install.
  • “Choose” the ISO disk image file and click on it to select.
  • Click the Open button and the software installation package is placed on your Mac desktop.
  • Look for a .dmg file (CUPS driver) on the contents and double-click on it to run the installation wizard.
How To Use Canon Printer?


Canon Printer Support – Canon has a wide range of printers to choose from. If you buy a printer, you can do a quick print, copy, scan, or fax. Also, you can print from your mobile phones irrespective of any OS, supported by a few mobile printing applications of the Canon printer. Here, you get all instructions and solutions related to your Canon printer in common.

How To Scan From The Canon Printer?

    • Canon Printer Support for Scan function. The Canon printer must be turned on and connected to the computer network.
    • Keep the scannable document or photo on the scanner glass.
    • Download and install the IJ Scan Utility tool along with the printer driver.
    • Now, start IJ Scan Utility.

Select Applications from the Go menu of Finder and double-click the Canon Utilities folder IJ Scan Utility

  • folder Canon IJ Scan Utility2 icon to begin the IJ Scan Utility.
  • Click on Auto and the scanning starts.

How To Set Up A Fax From Canon Printer?

  • Turn on your Canon printer and tap the Setup button on its control panel.
  • Use the left or right arrow symbols to choose Fax settings and then press the OK button.
  • Use the left or right arrow symbols to choose Fax settings and then press the OK button.
  • Select Telephone line type and tap the OK button.
  • Now press the Fax button to get back to the Fax standby screen.

How To Send A Fax Using The Canon Printer?

  • Do not forget to turn on your printer while you send or receive the fax.
  • Tap the Fax button and the standby fax screen displays.
  • Place the documents on the scanner platen or ADF.
  • Alter the scan contrast and the output resolution as needed.
  • Dial the recipient’s fax or telephone number on the printer using the touch keypad.
  • For color fax, press the Color button and for normal fax, press the Black button.
  • After the faxable document is scanned, press OK to send it and then place the next document.
How To Send A Fax Using The Canon Printer

Steps: Duplex Copy on Canon Printer

  • Canon Printer Support steps for duplex copy.Position the scannable document or image on the scanner glass or ADF (only documents can be placed).
  • Note that when you choose two-sided copying, you can copy two different pages onto both sides of a paper.
  • Tap the Copy button on your printer or the Copy icon on the control panel menu.
  • Select the 2-sided option and it takes you to the Standard copy tab in which you can choose the 2-SidedPrint Setting as 2-Sided and press OK.
  • You can change the Settings such as Portrait or Orientation and Long Side or Short Side stapling, and then press OK.
  • After pressing OK, the printer starts pre-scanning the original document and displays on the screen.
  • On the printer’s screen, you can tap Back to go back to the previous screen that you viewed, place the next document and press OK for copying the other documents, or Print now to print the already copied document.

How To Connect The Canon Printer To Wi-Fi?

If you are a Windows user, utilize the software CD provided along with your printer to install the driver. Mac users can download the driver from our website and follow the on-screen prompts of the installer.

Where Is The WPS Button On The Canon Printer?

The WPS button is available on your router. In some printers, it is available as an option under the Wireless Setup menu in the control panel. This option is used when you connect your printer wirelessly using the WPS button method. Here is the method to connect it.

Canon Printer Support For Troubleshooting

Canon printers are exceptionally efficient and yield the required output for any kind of print job. At times, you may have a hard time with your Canon printer.

You may face issues with printing or even turning on the printer. But, thankfully, we have a set of guidelines to follow to overcome such issues. In the following sections, we have discussed some of the common problems that arise on a Canon printer and simple troubleshooting steps to resolve them.

  • Why Does The Canon Printer Go Offline?

    • Press the Windows and R keys together and type Control printers in the command window and then click the OK tab.
    • Right-click on your Canon printer image and click See what’s printing in the drop-down menu.
    • Click the Printer tab in the next screen that displays and if there is a checkmark near the Use Printer Offline option, click on it.
    • This turns the printer online and the printer should function normally by now.
  • Why Won’t Canon Printer Scan?

    • If your Canon printer is not connected to the same network to which your computer is connected to, then it cannot scan.
    • If you have downloaded the IJ Scan Utility tool on your computer along with the printer driver, then try to scan using the tool directly.
    • Select the network version at the top of the tool without fail.
    • If you can scan successfully using the Utility tool, then turn off and turn on your computer and then turn off your Canon printer too.
    • Turn on the printer to check if you can scan from its control panel.

Why Is Canon Printer Prints Blank Pages Only?

If the printer has been utilized on a long run without proper maintenance, then the printhead may not support in printing properly. At that point, your printer may print blank pages and requires cleaning. Access the Devices and Printers window on your computer’s control panel. Locate your printer name and right-click on it to choose Properties. Now, click on Preferences under Device Settings. In the Preferences window, click on Services and then choose Clean Printhead. Repeat the process multiple times so that the printhead is cleaned completely. After cleaning the printhead, try to print and see if the printer works properly.

Why The Canon Printer Won’t Print?

  • If you have connected the Canon printer using a USB cable, then check if the cable is not faulty.
  • If you have loads of jobs and the printer tray is not loaded with enough paper, then the printer might not print.
  • Sometimes, clicking on print jobs continuously can make the print spooler fail and the printer may not receive the jobs to print.
  • If the installed printer driver is outdated, the printer will not print.
  • Check the ink levels of the printer because empty or low ink cartridges do not let the printer to print.

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